Fun educational projects for children to try at home

Whether it’s completing your child’s homework or simply working to improve areas they struggle with in school, finding fun ways to educate your children at home can be tricky.

To provide you with a little inspiration, here are a few fun educational projects to try with your kids outside of the classroom. What are the benefits of furthering education at home?

While children undoubtedly get all the necessary support with their subjects during school time, that’s not to say there aren’t benefits of learning at home too. Maybe they have a teacher they don’t quite gel with or maybe they simply don’t feel confident enough to put their hand up and ask questions in class. Supporting their curriculum with home learning can help to reinforce the topics your child tackles at school. This can also provide your child with the one-on-one time they may need to feel completely comfortable asking as many questions as necessary until they understand. As a parent, you can utilise your trusted bond with your child to reassure them that they’re in a safe environment and that no question is too silly. This will help to build your child’s confidence over time.

What are some examples of children’s educational projects to try at home?

There are countless different ways you can make teaching your child at home fun. If you have access to a computer, BBC Bitesize is an award-winning platform that’s popular with children. It uses interactive games, videos, cartoons, and questionnaires to teach and test new skills.

If you’re looking for fun, educational projects that are a little more hands-on here are a few ideas to get you started:

· Learning about electricity – this covers Science and Physics and could include a lesson on ‘how to conduct electricity’ using a small at-home circuit board and crocodile clips for electrical circuit connections.

· Drawing and painting – this covers Art & Design skills and can incorporate colour wheels, creativity, or painting by numbers to add a numerical twist.

· English and literacy books – this covers both English and Drama skills and could include reading a few pages of their book with them and then re-enacting the scene in costume.

What are the advantages of educational home projects? There are endless benefits to trying out educational projects with your kids at home. These could include building something, making something, or learning something new while at home. The whole point of doing so is that it makes learning fun. Creating an engaging learning experience allows children to drop any negative associations with school work, making them much more interested and susceptible to learning.

Tinkering Labs Electric Motor Catalyst STEM Kit

We plan to homeschool our son, and although he’s just a toddler, I think it’s never too soon to research curriculum and other school materials. Recently I had the chance to review Tinkering Labs Electric Motor Catalyst STEM Kit.  My stepson had the chance to do robotics in school, and my husband is also very mechanically inclined, so this is definitely the kind of thing I’m interested in doing for our science labs.  Today I’m going to show you a quick unboxing and review of the kit.

The kit is designed to introduce your kids to engineering and robotics.  With the kid, you kids will about building doodling Robots, power electric model cars, add motors to Legos, and more!  And it is designed for elementary and junior high aged kids.

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Children’s Book Review: Llama Llama Red Pajama

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Children's Book Review

I’m very excited about this month’s book review. My son received Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney as a Christmas present.  I wasn’t familiar with the book, but I instantly loved it, and so did Thaxton!  A few days after receiving the book, my husband casually called out the title of the book, and Thaxton walked to his room.  I was amazed after a moment when he returned with the book.  (To top things off, he had to grab the book from underneath a stack of books on the ottoman in his room. It wasn’t exactly right in front of him.  Now I have fun every day challenging him to with a game of “find a book.”  I call out titles and most of the the time he grabs the right book.)


Llama Llama Red Pajama

Llama Llama Red Pajama is a fun and upbeat bedtime story.  It has a great rhyme scheme and rhythm your baby will love, and all moms should be able to relate to the fun story line.  Llama Llama Red Pajama is ready for bed, but when his mommy leaves the room, all is not well.  Baby Llama starts out with a small whimper for his mama and gradually gets louder and louder in his cries for his Mama. [Read more…]