Small Items You Can Buy That Add Significant Value To your Home

If you have been living in the same house for a few years, chances are you get bored of the design. While remodelling is a good way to create novelty, it is often an arduous process that takes a toll on your bank accounts. Moreover, the results are not always satisfactory. Reports suggest that less than four out of twenty houses were able to regain the investments put into remodelling.

Does this mean you should just give up on the idea of increasing the value of your home? Absolutely not! In this quick read, we bring you a list of small items that help elevate the value of your home, without spending a fortune.

Garden Items

With the COVID induced lockdowns and the subsequent work from home culture, there has been a surge in gardening. Not only does this provide a chance to connect with nature, but it also adds to the visual appeal of the home.

Having a variety of plants, removing weeds timely, trimming bushes would make sure the garden looks beautiful. Adding an irrigation system to the garden is a great manoeuvre as well — remodelling reports suggest this ranks high on the list of projects with the best ROIs. Artificial indoor plants have the same effect —they are easier to maintain because all they need is cleaning!

A garden can fetch you 10% higher value for your house; however, making sure the garden is well-kept is key to success!


Rugs can infuse new life in boring living spaces without much hassle. Unlike wallpapers, the inherent simplicity with small rugs is intensely appealing for any home. All it takes is rolling them out on the floor, and space looks completely transformed.

Studio apartments and large halls can especially benefit from the area-definition that rugs provide. The best part is, it is easy to replace them if you no longer see them fitting the colour scheme or theme of the decor.


If done skilfully, lights can make a room look bigger and make colours pop out. Some outdoor lighting is also a great way to turn your lawn into a dedicated party area.

Indoor recessed lighting can instantly add value to the house, making it look brighter and expensive. Experts suggest adding these to the hallway, living rooms and bedrooms. On the other hand, kitchens can benefit immensely from ‘under-the-counter’ lights. Unlike recessed lights, it is inexpensive to install LED strips that work well with every kitchen.


Whether it is contemporary wall art, graphics, prints or original paintings, art always spices things up. With so many options available online, it is easier than ever to find something that goes with your style.

If you are not sure about placement, it is often best to go minimal with the items you buy. In this new world of decluttering, excess of anything is bad! With minimalism, spaces feel larger and attractive, something that leaves a great impression on buyers.

What to Look For When Buying a Home

Buying a home is not easy. There are many steps, many negotiations, and many items on the to-do list. Because there is such a flurry of activity surrounding the purchase and sale of a home, you may forget to ask important questions or keep important concerns on your mind. A lot of the time, a seller may be so ready to move on from their home that they may not be completely forthcoming with certain issues that may have arisen in their home while they were living there and sometimes real estate agents don’t know 100% of the information. You are going to have to do your part by doing a little investigating, so here are a few things to keep in mind if you are in the process of buying a home. 

How’s the Foundation?

Always ask about the foundation of a home. Literally, everything rests on it. If there have been problems in the past with cracks or wear and tear, beware. Having a home’s foundation repaired or replaced can be a huge headache and an even bigger bill. Foundation repairs may require you to vacate your home while the process is being completed and that is another expense and inconvenience all in itself. When looking at a home, ask about the lowest level and have it fully inspected to ensure it is solid and won’t need any repairs. 

Water Damage

Water damage is the worst damage. A lot of the time, water damage is irreversible and everything the water has damaged must be completely taken out and replaced. Have a home inspector take a thorough look at whether or not they can see any damage due to leaky pipes or rain water. This is also a great way to look out to see if the home is prone to flooding. It’s a huge inconvenience if everytime it rains you are going to have to deal with leaky windows, flooded basements, or dripping roofs. Water damage is the telltale sign that the seller is going to have to make some important repairs before you sign. 

Termite Damage

While looking for water damage, look for termite damage. Like water, termites decimate everything in their path. Termites not only weaken any wooden foundation or structure, but they multiply fast and you can easily have an infestation. Termite control is important, and the sooner you know if the critters are around the sooner the seller can have an exterminator come in and eradicate the infestation.  After that is done, the seller must then repair any damage to the home that was caused by the termites. If there are wood alternatives try to have that material used in the replacement of the damage to prevent any future termite infestations. If not, you can then prepare to prevent termites when you move in. 


This is a big one. Mould can cause serious damage to your health and if it is found, it must be taken care of immediately before you even think of buying the home. Mould can form for various reasons, but it usually has to do with damp areas in storage spaces. Mould can be gotten rid of in a timely fashion, but the reason for the mould must be addressed straight away. Have your inspector find what is causing the mould and have the seller fix the problem as soon as possible. Fixing the reason is the best solution to preventing the mould from coming back and potentially affecting your family’s health. 

Check the Boilers and Furnaces

Many hot water heaters and furnaces have a shelf life. Many last anywhere between 15 and 25 years. When doing a walk through of the house, ask when was the last time these items were replaced and installed. The installation date will most likely be on the units themselves, so you can easily find this out right away. You will be paying out so much money to buy the house and move. The last thing you need is to pay more money for a busted heater or furnace the first year you are in your home. If they need immediate replacement, ask the seller to do it right away. If there are still a few years left, at least you can plan to replace the units when the time comes. 

What Are Your Property Lines?

Knowing your actual property lines will save you a lot of problems. The person selling you your home may be the nicest person in the world, but that does not mean the neighbors are that nice. A lot of times, home owners are unaware of their property lines and don’t question when a neighbor puts up a fence, builds a garage, or cuts down a tree. Many neighbors may assume you will be the same way, but if you have big plans for your property, you may discover your neighbor is using your property and you are going to need it back. As soon as you purchase your new home, go downtown and get the true property line of your home. This way, if you are questioned by anyone as to what you are doing, you have proof that your land is your land and they need to adjust back to their own property line. 


If you can, find out how well the property drains. Many homeowners don’t think to ask this question, and then when the first heavy rain comes, their backyard and front yard is a swampy pool of water. The water will dry, but the damage it can do while it is pooling can be costly. Standing water will not only draw bugs, but it can affect your foundation, your grass, and may even start to seep into the walls of your basement causing expensive damage or flooding. Ask what happens when there are heavy rains in the area, and if the seller won’t fix the problem, at least you know that can be your first order of business when you move in.

Common challenges faced during home relocation

The process of moving to a new place may sound enjoyable, but when you wake up to the realities, you find it tedious to sail through. One of the biggest hassles of relocating is to pack your belongings and then unpack them all at your new place.

All such factors raise the need to know the challenges and find a solution to conquer them all. When you prepare yourself in advance, you simplify your struggling journey of relocation. So, let’s begin with unraveling the different challenges to prepare your mind for it.

Challenge no. 1 – You are ready but not at home.

Jot down this fact for real. You may be ready to shift, but is your home ready to welcome you? We understand the joy of shifting to a new home, but then don’t forget you have to work on it from ground zero. And this is something that you can’t neglect or delay anyhow. Therefore, prepare your mind and go for the kill.

Challenge no. 2 – Scam! Scam! Scam!

That’s a common incident for inattentive homeowners who get trapped in false promises and end up becoming a victim. Fake moving agencies are promising the world’s best assistance at nominal charges. Therefore, it’s advisable to inspect the service provider from every nook and corner to strike the right deal. You can begin your research with Google reviews, local contacts, etc.

Challenge no. 3 – Damaged items

The lure of saving a few bucks on moving services often ends up in significant losses for the homeowner. For instance – a homeowner refuses to avail a moving service package, including – belongings’ packing. Here, most homeowners prefer to pack their stuff on their own. And at last, it ends in belongings’ damage during transportation costing you almost double of what you were saving.

Challenge no. 4 – Not being organized

Your not being organized during relocation can cost you hundreds of dollars. Generally, it ends up in missing or damaged belongings, injuries, and much more. To avoid so, a homeowner can go for rented storage services available in the vicinity. Here, you can rent a storage unit near your new premises to organize everything efficiently. For instance – a storage unit from The Lock Up is widely used for keeping essentials safe. Such storage units come with all facilities to preserve the belongings.

Challenge no. 5 – Pets

It’s hard for pets to adjust to new surroundings quickly. Many homeowners and pet parents fail to understand this concept and end up making the wrong home choice. People with a pet in the family should go for a pet-friendly environment and house to make it less stressful for the pets to manage. An easy way to deal with pet-related problems at the new premises is to manage their frantic behavior.

The final line-

Relocating to a new premises sounds like a fun thing until you are exposed to the challenges behind it. And that’s when you realize the amount of effort it takes to relocate. If you know all those challenges in advance, there are possibilities to simplify your relocation process than ever before.

Sell your Greenville House Faster with these Smart-Home Upgrades

The introduction of modern technology is fast changing the property market. For example, high-tech appliances work wonders in controlling the cooling, security, and music of homes. And, these are changing the property market considerations.

All these factors play a pivotal role if you wish to sell your house fast in Greenville or anywhere else.

Smart homes are getting increasingly popular in the property market. And, why not? The new homeowner’s eye at the convenience and ease of living. According to a study, around 25% of adults have smart home automation. What’s even better is that smart home users highly recommend these techniques while buying a house.

Some intelligent home upgrades that are sure to help you sell your home at the most realistic price are:

● Voice Control:

One of the most important things that customers want in a home is voice control. So such systems like Google Home and Amazon Echo attract many buyers. What’s even better is that it increases the chances of a faster property sale.

Many customers want a voice control system owing to its practicality and flexibility. In addition, smart home devices are more prevalent, and buyers tend to find value for their money when they have smart devices connected.

● Smart Lighting:

Innovative home technologies reduce energy costs through heat regulations and intelligent lighting. These facilities generate considerable interest in the property market. Eyeing at the latest smart home automation, buyers will knock on your doors saying we buy houses greenville, and it’ll sound amazing to you. After all, you’ve spent dollars innovating your home.

Clients are anxious to invest in any property that saves their money- not only today but in the future as well. Thereby, all this comes down to high buyer demand.

● Security:

One of the major concerns for home and property owners is insecurity. After all, it affects the efficiency and convenience of a home.

And, here’s where home automation devices save homes. These devices detect fire, burglars, and moisture levels. Homeowners can view all these remotely through a smart device and enjoy the bliss of a secure home.

These appliances also save the exemplary costs associated with maintenance and insurance premiums. Property market clients are willing to pay more for home upgrades and systems. As a buyer, you certainly cannot deny the value of an innovative home system.

● App Control:

Every newbie home property buyer is sure to be impressed by an intelligent doorbell. Or climate- control, in-built speakers, and security systems that function with app control. After all, it’s the comfort, security, and ease of living that convinces a buyer to pay more during a property purchase.

● Smart Products:

Innovative homes are long-term assets when it comes to an apt return on investment. Most smart products are easily movable, which have a more excellent value. When energy maintenance costs reduce, the buyers will be willing to pay more to help them save more time.

The value of a house is sure to increase with time- independent of whether it’s for sale or rent. You may renovate old homes, but will it improve their resale value? You never know! But, with technology, the resale value after inculcating smart devices is sure to increase!

The Verdict- Smart Homes- a Nook to Great Sale

Most property owners say that the modern installations in a house account for a higher price and budget inconvenience. The key is to start with the upgrades that increase the house value when it’s time for an inevitable sale, which also aids in faster home selling.

Now that you have upgraded your home, consider finding a realtor to evaluate your property’s worth.

How To Choose A Property Flipping Partner

Throughout the economic ups and downs, real estate remains a solid investment opportunity. Buying properties at a bargain, upgrading them, and selling them on, or flipping is becoming a popular activity. 

Property developers today look a lot different from how they have in the past. It’s no longer the domain of the super-wealthy anymore. Ordinary people are dipping their toes into the property flipping water to find a viable way to make money. 

Yet some people don’t want to go it alone and prefer to spread the risk. This is where they take on a partner. But how do you know they’ll be a good fit? Before you go looking at lofts for sale, take the time to find the right business partner. 

Here are some tips on choosing the right partner to help you flip properties. 

Look For Someone With Experience 

Your ideal property development partner will be someone with relevant experience. If you’re really lucky, they’ll already have experience in buying and selling property, but that’ not always possible. There is a lot of skill and experience that lend themselves to property flipping. These include project management, contracting, or finance.

It’s still possible to be successful without this and you might just be two people looking to invest their money into flipping properties. 

Define Your Roles & Remuneration

One of the worst things you can do is just start bidding on and upgrading properties without setting out some ground rules with your partner. Just because you’ve seen some  They should state who is putting what money into the property, what they are expected to do, and the percentage of the profit they will save after the sale. Even if the person is someone you know and trust, there have been many friendships ruined by hasty actions. 

Find Someone Who Complements Your Skills

People often make the mistake of choosing someone just like them to partner up with. That’s not a great way to bolster your skillset. If you both have the same strengths and weaknesses, then there will be no one to fill the gaps. If your skills are in interior design but not numbers, then it makes sense to work with someone with is good with numbers. 

As long as your share the same ambition and passion, don’t be afraid to choose someone you may not have thought of.

Try & Find Someone With Local Knowledge

Good all-around knowledge of the local area can be a huge asset to your property. For example, if the area is currently a little run down, then the house prices will be lower. However, if there are a number of investment projects and developments on the horizon, then this could cause the house prices to go up. If you buy at the right time, you could make a lot of money when it comes time to sell later. 


If you’re determined to become a property developer, there is so much information out there that can help you and your partner learn the ins and outs of the sector. Choosing the right partner to work alongside you is vital to making it a success.   

Improvements To Make Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a big move and one that you want to make as financially successful as possible. There are certainly things that you can do in order to ensure your home sells for as much as you can manage. After all, by selling your home for a profit, the next property may get you closer to paying off the mortgage in its entirety or helping you to get a bigger property for you and your family. With that being said, here are some improvements to make before selling your home.

Fix Anything That’s Broken

There are likely to be things around your home that are in need of fixing. Over time, some things will get broken and you tend to manage without or for as long as possible until it becomes unbearable to go without it. Some things might not even need fixing for you to get on with your daily life. However, by fixing these things, you’re going to make it better for those potential buyers to want to place an offer on your home. If they see a lot of damage and fixtures that need doing, then they will likely offer less because of the hassle and financial expenditures they’ll need to do.

A lot of buyers like to see something that takes as little effort as possible unless you’re fortunate to have buyers that want to update and remodel a home. But they tend to be few and far between, so it’s good to fix anything that needs to be fixed. For any window repairs, is a good place to start.

Upgrade Any Rooms That Need It

Upgrading rooms are something that will be needed in certain areas that have become outdated or perhaps haven’t be updated in several years. A good bathroom renovation or kitchen might last you a decade or two if you look after it properly. However, over time, it might get worn down or tired. It’s also the case when you follow certain trends and those trends go out of fashion. There are plenty of interior trends that go out of style and therefore make the room even more dated because of it.

So if there are any rooms that need an update or upgrade, focus your attention on them first. You might not have to spend a ton of money on it but there will be benefits to spending money on rooms that are in need of an upgrade.

Declutter The Property Entirely

Decluttering your property is something that people can tend to avoid doing because of the hassle and time it takes to do it. It’s surprising just how much clutter we can accumulate over time and that’s why it’s important to do it every so often in order to help keep the amount of clutter you have, down. This will also be important to do when it comes to the viewings for your home. The last thing buyers want to see is a home that has a lot of stuff just lying about. It’s never any good to show your home like this because buyers need to be shown a space that they can live in.

Take some time out of your weekend and spend that time decluttering your home. Do it with the rest of the household too as they will likely have things that they can get rid of. You shouldn’t have to do it on your own, after all.

Add An Extension If You Can

An extension to your home can be a great improvement on your property. If you are fortunate to have space on your property to extend, then it would be a missed opportunity. Adding on an extra bedroom or bathroom can make such a huge difference to the value of your home, adding potentially thousands. Think about what your property could benefit from because it might not be a case of adding another room but extending an existing one. Perhaps your kitchen is too small or maybe you have a downstairs study that could do with extending to make it more comfortable.

Extensions can really be a good option if you have the budget available. It’s something that can be costly and time-consuming but a worthy investment to boost your home’s value when it comes to selling.

Do Minor Adjustments To Improve Appearances

Sometimes, it’s the smaller changes you make to your home that can make a big difference. Not everything needs to be major in order to boost the value of your home or to help in selling it. In order to improve your home’s appearance to potential buyers, make some minor adjustments where it’s needed. It could be that your kitchen cabinets need a touch-up with some new paint or maybe you could hang a few paintings around the home to make the space look more attractive or interesting.

These minor tweaks and changes don’t need to cost much but can really help in providing that image for your buyers. When a buyer looks around the home, they’re usually looking for themselves in the space and living in it. Adding a fresh bouquet of flowers in the living room or dining space could be something that triggers that emotional attachment to the property.

Rearrange Any Rooms To Their Original Purpose

Throughout your home, there might be spaces that you’ve transformed into something different than its original purpose. For example, perhaps a spare bedroom has now become a study or workout space. As much as it’s convenient before you sell, it’s worth rearranging any rooms to their original purpose. It might be that you have to get that bed from out of the loft or you simply clear the room entirely and leave it empty.

By taking those rooms to the original state, it’s going to help buyers to see them in the right way. Otherwise, they might always associate that space as being something that doesn’t suit what they want, when it actually could.

If you’re lacking furniture, you could always pop to a second-hand store and get some furniture to furnish the room. You could then return that furniture once you’re done with it or leave it behind for the new owners to make use of it.

Clean It Before Every Viewing

This is an improvement that can be made when you’re at that point of selling the property. When inviting buyers around to see your home, it’s good to present it in the right way. Dressing it up is a good way of making sure that it looks presentable for when your potential buyers come around. Cleaning your property is always useful to do before every viewing. It’s certainly a lot of effort to keep your home constantly clean, especially on a daily basis. Not everyone has the time to clean their home daily but when you’ve got potential viewings, you want to make sure you’ve got the best-looking version of your home that you can possibly give.

Try to make sure it looks as good as it can do with the time you do have available. Stock up on cleaning products and try to give it that quick clean-up before a viewing takes place. It could make all the difference to selling your property.

Selling your home is a challenge sometimes, depending on the market and what type of property you have. However, there will always be a buyer out there that’s looking for your home exactly so use these tips to make sure you do everything in order to attract them!