Should I Drive or Take The Train?

Many of us dread driving long distances. The idea of spending hour after hour stuck behind the wheel as one dreary motorway follows another, could be enough to give us second thoughts. We might curtail the journey altogether, or perhaps consider alternative options. Despite the bad publicity often seen in the press, train travel offers advantages that can drastically reduce the boredom, the fatigue and often the time it takes to get from A to B.


Consider this: you’re travelling from Edinburgh to London for a business meeting. You get up at the crack of dawn to travel for seven hours on soulless dual carriageways. For the entire time, you’re concentrating on where you’re going, road hazards, and maintaining a speed that’ll get you there on time. By the time you arrive you’re so exhausted you can barely keep your eyes open when you reach your destination. Conversely, travelling by train allows you to relax, prepare for the meeting, and even get a bit of sleep so you’re fully refreshed and prepared for what’s ahead.


Yes, motorways are functional, but unless you’re a motoring fanatic, you’d have to admit that they’re also rather dull. Variety and points of interest are normally blocked from view, and your world is one of vast swathes of traffic moving in the same direction. Any view there might be can’t be fully enjoyed because of your need to concentrate on the road.

Whereas travelling by train allows you to gaze out of the window for the entire trip. The nature of rails means you’re often slightly elevated, giving you a great view of your surroundings that are rarely blocked by those banks often found either side of highways to protect residents from the noise.


This is another area where travelling by train gives you a great advantage. The average train speed in the UK is over 60 miles per hour, and that includes the slow trains that stop every few miles. If you’re travelling long distances, mainline trains can reach 130 miles per hour – almost double the legal speed limit on a motorway. It means you can travel from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands to London in under nine hours. It’ll take you more than 10 in a car, and that’s assuming there are no traffic delays (which would be a foolish assumption!). If travelling from the north of England, the differences can be even greater – the train from Hartlepool to London, for instance, takes just three-and-a-half hours, compared to more than five hours behind the wheel.

It’s not just longer journeys where going by rail is preferable – train travel might also be the way to go for shorter journeys, as you won’t have to worry about the stresses and expense of trying to park! And when you add the reduced environmental impact of rail travel, for many journeys choosing between train and car is a no-brainer.

7 Financial Tips For Those Moving To A New Country

So you have decided to move overseas? No matter whether you are moving for work purposes, to be closer to family, or simply because you want a better life, you are bound to be excited and nervous about the journey ahead of you. Moving to another country is something that can change your life; changing the way you think, the way you live and the experiences you have in your life. Nevertheless, it is something that is going to require a lot of planning and consideration. After all, you are entering a whole new world! So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some financial tips to help you on your way…

 Whatever you assume you will require, you are going to need more – Everyone always says this when it comes to big life changes – be it purchasing a house or moving somewhere new – and that is because it is true. When you work out how much you think you are going to need to move to a new location, it is important to add an extra cushion on top of this. After all, things do not always work out as we seem. Plus, life has a lovely habit of throwing unwanted surprises and unexpected expenses on us. Make sure you spend some time working out all of the costs entailed. Don’t forget about the cost of getting your visa as well. Country-specific websites like can assist you with this, ensuring you know how much money you will need for your visa.  

 Consider healthcare – Some healthcare systems around the world are free, such as in the UK, but are you going to be entitled to use the system? If not, you may require health insurance, which is mandatory for expats in a lot of countries, as well as being mandatory for everyone in some places. You should research this carefully, as healthcare can be very expensive, and failing to take out an insurance plan is a massive risk you should not take. It is also worth pointing out that you should take out an insurance policy before you travel, as you need it to be valid from the moment you step off the plane. After all, illness doesn’t wait around for anyone. If you or someone in your family was to fall sick and you did not have an insurance plan, you could find yourself with an extortionate medical bill to pay.

 Research the living costs – The living costs in NZ are going to be very different when compared with the living costs in the UK, India, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. A lot of people make the mistake of calculating the amount of money they are going to need to live off based on what they spend at present. This is a big mistake to make. Take Australia as a prime example. The wages there are known for being very high, and so people often think that if they move to Australia they are going to have plenty of funds to spare. However, Australia has very high living expenses, so you need to take everything into perspective to work out if you are going to be better off or not. You can easily research living costs online. There are plenty of great guides that can be of assistance. You can even take a look at online stores and supermarkets to get a better understanding too.

 Move your pension – Another important move you need to make is with regards to your pension. Most individuals who retire overseas will have dual sources of income – a private or employer pension and a state pension. You need to conduct research to find out how your relocation is going to impact any benefits or retirement you may be entitled to at the moment.

 Get to grips with your tax affairs – Tax can be complicated and frustrating, and so working with an advisor may be the best route to go down if your tax affairs are complex. This can certainly be the case if you have multiple properties or businesses. You and to be aware of your tax implications in your current country, as well as the country you are moving too. The last thing you want to do is end up paying tax twice, but equally you do not want to make an error that could land you in legal hot water.

 Think about how you are going to send money abroad and opening a local bank account – You are going to have money matters to deal with that you probably have never dealt with before. This includes setting up a foreign bank account, as well as sending money overseas regularly – of course; this all depends on whether you will still have commitments in your home country. It is important to look for methods that are secure, safe, and do not come with hefty rates. You also have to consider the exchange rate too. Did you know that you could benefit from fixed rates of exchange for a set period of time by using certain services?

 Get vacation mode out of your mind – Last but not least, it is pivotal to remember that you are moving to a new place to live, you are not going on an extended holiday. A lot of people struggle to get out of vacation mode and they end up burning through their cash way quicker than expected. Would you go out every night at the moment? If not, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it in your new destination either.

 So there you have it: some top tips to help you move abroad. There is no denying that there is a lot to consider when moving to a new country. Nevertheless, getting your finances right should definitely be your priority. This requires a lot of research and a lot of planning, yet it will all be worth it in the end. 


Visiting Chicago? Here’s How You Can Have Amazing Experiences in the City!

Are you planning to travel to Chicago and want to enjoy amazing experiences? If yes, you’ve come to the right place!

Be it a sporting event, an outdoor concert, a low-key plan of spending the day at the zoo, or visiting an art museum, you can have unforgettable experiences in Chicago. 

We’ve discussed the top five places in Chicago that will stay with you, even after you leave the city. 

Take a look. 

Observational Decks

The best way to add a little extra to your Chicago visit is to enjoy one of the many fabulous city views. Seeing the city from above is a whole new perspective. It allows you to see things in a new and different light. 

Chicago has several observation decks. The two most popular ones are located on the north and south sides of the city. SkyDeck Chicago is located on the 103rd floor of Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower, and offers spectacular views of Lake Michigan and the city skyline. 

360 CHICAGO is located on the 94th floor of the John Hancock building and offers outstanding Navy Pier and Lake Michigan views. Other viewing platforms include the Signature Room on the 95th floor of Hancock Building and Tribune Tower, the Wrigley Building, and the 360 Chicago Ledge.

If you plan a tour of Chicago, don’t miss the serene views from these observation decks. These will surely give you an experience of a lifetime!

National History Museums

A major tourist attraction, Chicago History Museum has been a fixture in the city since 1856. Have you ever wondered about Chicago’s history that is not preserved in the city’s buildings? 

You’ll find the answers here, along with countless exhibits covering everything from fashion to music to film to TV and Underground Railroad. The museum is located in Lincoln Park, one of the city’s oldest and most picturesque neighborhoods.

You certainly won’t be disappointed with what you find at Chicago’s art and history museums. The exhibits are constantly being updated, so visit often, and you’ll always discover something new. If you’re an art and history lover, this experience will stay with you forever!

Lake Michigan

If you love water trips, you’ve got to try the quiet cruise in Lake Michigan. Your boat ride will show you notable places like the mesmerizing beaches and the Navy Pier. (Of course, the wild sea creatures you encounter on the lake are always a sight to behold as well). 

Two of the most popular sightseeing cruises in Chicago are the Chicago Skyline and Navy Pier tours. The skyline cruises usually depart from the Chicago River as well as Navy Pier and Windy City Harbour. Water tour experiences are incomplete without Chicago’s Lake Michigan trip!

The Chicago Theatre

If you’re looking for one of the most iconic places in Chicago, you can’t miss the Chicago Theatre. It is worth a visit for anyone interested in design and architectural history. 

The architecture of French Baroque remains a testament to the importance of this building in America. Several big names have performed in this theatre, so don’t get surprised if you spot signed walls from the big names. 

Fascinating Parks

Chicago’s city parks are some of the most beautiful and visited places in the city. The city’s culture is reflected in its parks, and Chicagoans pride themselves on the quality and quantity of their parks. 

Try to visit one of these parks the next time you are in the Windy City, and you will know why. One of these parks is Millennium Park. 

Since its opening in 2004, Millennium Park has been one of Chicago’s hot spots. The park, designed by landscape architect Frank Gehry, is a beautiful place to walk. It is not uncommon to find groups of friends or young professionals practicing yoga, playing catch, or just enjoying a sunny day on the park’s vast lawns.

Final Word

Chicago is one of the most visited cities in the US. Don’t miss out on all the fun trips we’ve discussed in this article. Also, many apartments in Chicago offer reliable accommodation services during this pandemic. 

So, make sure you stay safe, choose good accommodation, and enjoy your trip!

Essential Things To Consider When Planning Your First Trip Outside UK

With international travel limited, ticket bookings low, and high hairline ticket prices may be the best time to consider travelling outside the UK. If this will be your first trip, you have a lot of planning to do because you have no prior experience. It might be prudent to contact an immigration lawyer or attorney to help you out. This article will discuss some essential things to consider when planning your first trip outside the UK.


Before embarking on international travel, you must make several considerations and make preparations. The research will give you a better insight into things to expect, what to do, how to prepare, and many more. The first thing you have to do is check if all your travelling documents are in good condition. The next thing is to figure out where you want to travel and then begin to make preparations based on the information you get from doing your research. Everything on this list will be contingent on research.

Travel period

How long you travel will be a determining factor for your budget. Consider how much time you have to travel, and then depending on your budget and cost of living or activities planned, you should be able to determine how long you want to spend. For your first international travel, a couple of weeks should be enough to broaden your horizon. No matter the time frame you settle on, it should adequate for your travel budget and the activities you lined up for the trip.

Travel budget

How are you funding your trip? Do you have some money set aside purposefully for this trip? What activities do you have planned? How long do you plan to stay? What is the cost of living there? Which tickets can you afford? What are your plans for accommodation? Are you travelling alone or with family or friends? All these are questions that you must answer when putting together your travel budget. If you have enough money to cover all these expenses and a bit extra, then you are fine. If not, you will have to ensure that you have enough money to fund the trip.

Travel documents

To travel to another country, you will need a valid passport and a travel visa. Check your passport and check if it is still valid or expired. If it is expired, you will have to be issued a new one before you are eligible for travel. Visas are required for international travel, and there are different kinds of visas that are granted for different classes of travellers. Consult an immigration lawyer or attorney to know which type of visa you are eligible for and which one best suits your travel needs. Some countries grant entry visas upon arrival, so you need to research your destinations as well.

Travel insurance

Securing travel insurance is very important as it provides you with some insulation against loss during your travels. For first-time international travel, you should get travel insurance. It is usually sold alongside flight tickets as a package and varies in coverage. Some travel insurance policies may cover only the actual flight, while others extend their cover to damaged rental property and medical expenses.

If you make these considerations, you are likely to enjoy travelling overseas. Just make sure you do your research and contact the appropriate authorities to help you work things out.

Tips for Stress-Free Family Ski Holiday

We want our ski holidays with kids to be the most memorable. How should we prepare to get up the mountain with our family? Where and when should we go? What essentials do we carry? The answers are here. So go ahead, start looking at those Jettly flights and get ready for an unforgettable holiday.

Best Time to Ski with Family

Most ski resorts are crowded when schools close. The charges escalate at that time as well. Christmas breaks, Easter, and half-terms are some of the most expensive times. But we can find good deals if we properly plan family ski vacations. Booking early eliminates a lot of stress when it comes to finding the right accommodation.

The Gear

Clothes are probably the most critical considerations before heading to the ski slopes. We shouldn’t get wet, and much less our children. To make our kid’s experience better, we can buy them more comfortable ski clothes. Base layers, socks, and gloves should keep them warm. Some of the best base layers are made of merino wool. Gloves, hats, and mittens should be waterproof. Helmets are a must-have gear at the slopes while bright jackets help in identification.

Family-Friendly Ski Spots

Beginner slopes are ideal for our little children. We can save a few bucks by choosing a smaller resort with fewer crowds. When kids are learning to ski, they don’t need to explore acres of terrain. Steep slopes will not be of much help. Conveniently located resorts with nursery slopes are great for tired kids.

Childcare Facilities

Childcare facilities are very common in most resorts these days. But they are not designed the same way. We can avoid places that do not take care of little ones by asking the right questions before

booking. It is important to check the age they provide for to avoid disappointments. Some resorts accommodate nannies throughout the family vacation period.

Booking Ski-School in Advance

We ought to book a ski school before leaving home. We often make the mistake of looking for lessons when we get to the skiing destination. Many times, there is no room because families book ahead of time. If we have to hire an instructor, we must be sure they speak our kid’s language. The resort website should display such information so that parents can pre-book instructors and lessons before they leave home. Ski lessons are useful when kids are afraid to explore the slopes. They might need to spend some hours with teachers to familiarize themselves with the environment. With the right gear and knowledge, they can be confident when sliding around.


Family-friendly hotels offer the best stay with kitchen facilities so that we can cook for our kids. We need delicious and healthy meals while on vacation. Self-catering options are the best for fussy eaters, but we have to book early. If we are traveling as a group of families, it would be wiser to fill a chalet. It gives all the fun that we need for a weekend-long ski vacation without worrying about spoiling other people’s holiday. On the other hand, club hotels are the best when we have teenagers on board.

Limiting Time on Snow

Kids love winter holidays, but they may be demotivated by strange attire and boots on the snow and foreign land. Their source of encouragement is seeing other children do the same thing. However, we must not force them to learn or continue skiing when they are tired. It doesn’t matter if we have paid for multiple lift passes, it is good to limit the time they spend sliding on the snow.


Young babies going to an alpine environment need protection from intense sun, cold, and snow reflections. For the cold, there are many options available. The sun, though? This is where their cute sunglasses come in. But the best protection against cold and snow is ski goggles. They are particularly good when heavy snow is falling or in cold winds. Goggles are more secure than sunglasses. Well-ventilated double-lensed goggles help to control misting.

Mixing Up with Non-Skiing Activities

Many ski spots today are trying to create havens for young kids by incorporating other activities. Combining skiing with ice-fishing, berry picking, and pirating on snow can prevent monotony.

Magic Carpets

Magic carpets are better for kids than drag lifts. The carpet lifts do not require too much concentration, unlike drag lifts that can instil anxiety among kids.

Teaching kids to ski is not a simple thing. But good preparation equals fun multiplied. Let us choose child-friendly resorts and get good quality gear for safety and comfort.

8 Things to Pack for a Cruise

If you are about to hit the open seas on a cruise, you need to do all sorts of things to get ready for your trip, including packing the right stuff so that you aren’t left stranded in the middle of the ocean without an important medication. Here are some of the essential items that many individuals forget to pack for their cruise.

Waterproof Phone Case

Since you will probably partake in all sorts of water activities while you are on your cruise, pack a waterproof case to keep your phone safe. A good case will also keep your phone from getting scratched or damaged on one of your excursions. One of the brands to look out for is Lifeproof, the maker of NEXT, FRE, and SLAM cases for many popular smartphone models.

Fanny Pack

You probably don’t want to deal with keeping track of your purse while you are on the cruise. A fanny pack is a great option. You can keep everything in it, from your room key to your wallet. Fanny packs are also pretty trendy right now, so you will be able to find one that will complement all of your outfits perfectly.

Motion Sickness Medicine

You don’t want to spend your entire cruise dealing with motion sickness. Many individuals aren’t affected by motion sickness during their cruise, thanks to the ship being so large. Unfortunately, rough seas can change all of this. Even if you’ve never dealt with motion sickness before, you will find it beneficial to have some medication on hand just in case you start to feel queasy.

Packing Cubes

If you are like most people, you probably struggle with fitting everything you want to in your suitcases. Pack cubes can help. They will securely store all of your items, and they will fit snugly in your suitcase. When you get in your cabin, you can simply place them in a dresser drawer. If your cabin has a limited amount of space to store items, you can also leave them in your suitcase. You can find your items easily if you put like items into each packing cubes. It’s a good idea to have one for shorts, shirts, and undergarments.

Water Shoes

Sandals or sneakers aren’t really ideal when you are taking part in an activity that involves water. You can still keep your feet safe by packing a pair of water shoes. Just make sure that they are comfortable for land and sea. They should be made of a material that will dry quickly because you may need to wear them for several days during your cruise.

A Bag For The Beach Or The Pool

Many travelers forget about packing a small bag for the beach or the pool. A bag will make it easier to tote around your sunscreen, towel, and a change of clothes. If you don’t have a bag, you will find it to be rather inconvenient to have to carry all of these items around.

A Toiletry Bag that You Can Hang

The bathroom in your cabin probably won’t have a lot of space to store your toiletries. You will find a hangable toiletry bag to be extremely beneficial to avoid leaving open lotion or your charcoal toothbrush in a pile of sitting water next to the sink. You can hang it on the back of the bathroom door so that you can safely store your items.

The Normal Products You Use For Hair Care

If you are trying to limit the number of items that you pack, now might be the time to try going shampoo-free! A shampoo brush can replace your normal bottled shampoo. The brush allows you to remove the dirt and oil from your scalp, and you won’t have to worry about messing up your fingernail polish because it scrubs your scalp for you.

Going on a cruise is an adventure of a lifetime, but you need to pack the right items. By utilizing the guide above, you will have everything you need no matter where you are going.


Interesting Things to Do at Venice Beach

Venice Beach Fun. ©

The Venice Beach is vibrant with life, entertainment, and many more activities that will easily make up a great weekend getaway. It is also an excellent tourist spot, with many fun-filled activities that you can enjoy in Venice, California. Before planning a trip to the United States, make sure you apply for the us visa esta, and complete the necessary requirements. Here, we shall see the best attractions in Venice Beach, as well as look at a few basic formalities.

Parking at Venice Beach

There are three main parking lots near the Venice Beach and Boardwalk- the South City Parking Lot, North City Parking Lot, and the Washington Blvd. Lot. They do not permit overnight parking, parking is allowed only from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. Parking is free only on weekdays that aren’t holidays.

LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to Venice Beach

The Los Angeles International airport is just 13 minutes away from Venice Beach, which means you can get your vacation started by working on that tan and relaxing in the beach.

Weather at Venice, California

Venice Beach has a Mediterranean climate, with lots of sunny days, just like an ideal day on the beach. During the summer nights, you can experience fogs until early morning that is sure to send a shiver down your spine.

Venice Beach Skateboard Shops and Parks

Venice Beach has a Skateboard Park has ledges, rails and ramps, everything you need to learn to skateboard if you are a beginner, and if you are looking forward to showing off your skateboarding skills, it’s all been covered.

If you are planning on buying a skateboard or surfboard, then Arbor Venice and Bay Street Boards are two highly rated retailers selling these items.

Venice Pier – This is a fishing pier near the beach and boardwalk area, with an artistic scenery that you won’t get to observe anywhere else. It is best visited during sunset, and perfect for long, self-introspecting walks.

Close to the Pier are the boardwalk and beach, which are almost always bustling with life. Here, you will see street entertainers with performances that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, along with the sandy beaches, and a backdrop with great potential to make it into your professional sun-kissed photos.

The beach is great for surfing, and surfing lessons are also offered throughout the year.

Venice Canals – A few of the fun things you can do to explore Venice includes a visit to the Venice Canals. You can also gondolas and gondoliers that were imported from Italy by the creator of this little city, Abbot Kinney. It was built in the 1900s and offers a contrasting environment compared to the bustle at the beach and boardwalk.

Walking Tour Of Venice – This is a vintage walking tour that is powered by technology. As you walk through the city’s main spots, snippets of all the films shot at that very point are made visible to you in the iPad. This is a great tourist attraction and a walk down the lane to the years-long gone.

Muscle Beach Outdoor Gym – Show off your summer body, or watch others building up theirs at the outdoor gym right near the boardwalk.

Kinney Blvd. – The Kinney Blvd. was previously a run-down part of the town, until Abbot Kinney renovated it. It went on to be named as the “Coolest Block in America” by the GQ Magazine. It is throbbing with shops of different products, and is especially considered to be a paradise for cloth shopping.

Drinks and Meals –

With a menu based on local cuisine, DJs, and a bar, the High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin gives you the nightlife that you’ve been looking forward to experiencing from LA. Café Gratitude is a great place to eat at, with its fully organic menu. If you’re craving for something Italian, then C&O’s is the place you’re looking for, and their garlic rolls are the most recommended. For a calm evening at a patio sipping your favorite mug of coffee, or drinking a glass of juice, be sure to visit the TOMS flagship store.

These are a few of the attractions in Venice Beach, California, that are not to be missed out. While planning your itinerary, make sure you have completed all the procedures for making the trip, including filling out an esta form. You need to ensure you do this at least 72 hours before you start your journey – you do not want any travel hiccups, do you?

Where Would You Go If Money Was No Object?

The world is full of spectacular places; there are so many of them if only we had more time and more importantly, more money. Where do you think you would travel to though if money was no object? You wouldn’t have to wonder how much does a jet cost or look for deals on flights and hotels. Imagine the world really was your oyster and you could go anywhere and do anything you wanted – well within reason, but if everything was free or you simply had enough money that you didn’t need to factor it into your plans.

World Cruise

A world cruise is a pretty obvious choice, but for a good reason, who wouldn’t want to go around the world while enjoying a life of luxury. There are different options for world cruises which vary in price, length and destinations, but imagine in the one trip you could be stopping off at destinations like Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong, the Canary Islands, Stockholm, Olden and Geiranger in Scandinavia, St. Petersburg in the Baltic, Reykjavik in Iceland, Cape Town and Hawaii. And if money really was no object, then there are even world cruises where you could have your own personal butler who will organise everything for you for when you are onshore. 



One of the 118 islands that make up French Polynesia, Tahiti is one places that often comes up when people talk about their dream destinations. Tahiti is known for its overwater bungalows, designed in the style of traditional island houses and is a beautiful, intimate and romantic setting. Tahiti is the largest, and one of the busiest islands and the capital city, Papeete, has a number of high-end resorts, as well as restaurants, markets and shops. At the traditional Papeete Market, shoppers can pick up items scented with vanilla or made from black pearls which are both specialities of the area.


Bora Bora

Another of the French Polynesian islands, Bora Bora, is another romantic destination that many dream of going to. Bora Bora is an extinct volcano and today; it sits amidst a lagoon that glimmers in almost supernatural shades of blue, You’ll find coral reefs, white sandy beaches, colourful fish and a beautiful landscape. It’s simply paradise. 



Australia is a country which often appears on peoples’ bucket lists. People don’t tend to go for a short amount of time, but rather make it a trip of a lifetime. Australia is so huge though, that once you are there, you may as well explore and get the most out of it. From spending time in paradise in places like the Whitsunday Islands, enjoying the sunshine, surfing, hiking, checking out the outback or snorkelling or sailing, there is always something amazing you could be doing in Australia, and if money were no object and you had plenty of time too, you could travel around and do it all. If you could do it, then a trip that includes Sydney, Cairns, Ayers Rock and Adelaide would be a great mix. Sydney is a cosmopolitan city which is home to the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge; while visitors to Cairns can go snorkelling or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Ayers Rock is known for the rock itself but is also a great place to explore the Aboriginal culture. Then there’s Adelaide which boasts an excellent wine region and is close to Kangaroo Island, a wildlife preserve for creatures like kangaroos and koalas. 



Again, if money was no object, you could visit lesser-known Italian towns like Siena, Bologna and Lake Como. Siena is best known for historic offerings like its 13th-century square Piazza del Campo and the Museo Civico, which houses beautiful frescos. Bologna is a culinary destination, and the glacially formed Lake Como, in the Italian Alps, is renowned for its natural beauty. Again, you could spend a decent amount of time here and visit the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy, which features pastel-coloured homes built into bluffs overlooking the Bay of Naples, and little towns like Ravello; visitors also aren’t far from the island of Capri. Travellers who like high-end fashion shouldn’t miss Milan, headquarters of big-name Italian designers like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana and when money is no object, you might as well treat yourself. 


South Africa

There’s desert, mountains, coastline, and the cultural heritage, South Africa has a lot to see. Within one day, you could go from shopping for locally-made crafts at Greenmarket Square in Cape Town to off-roading in the bush at Addo Elephant National Park looking for the big five: elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalo. Then you can cruise along the Garden Route—renowned for its whale-watching—on South Africa’s eastern coast, and if you like a bit of history, then you can take a ferry to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years, or visit the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. English is widely spoken, and South Africa is more westernised than many other parts of Africa/ It also doesn’t require a visa to visit, it’s malaria-free, and you can’t forget that South Africa has an excellent wine region. There’s so much to see and do, again you need time not to be an object either. 



Forget that the Russian Space Agency requires you to be a billionaire in order to explore the final frontier, or that you need almost £200 million to go on a private venture around the moon with American company SpaceX, just imagine being able to go into space. The companies offering this jaunt may need to work on their luxury offerings for the journey to make it more desirable, but if you can put up with a long, boring journey all to go to space then wouldn’t this be the trip of a lifetime?


Where would you go if money was no object?


3 Common Questions About City Breaks (And The Answers!)

Once upon a time, a vacation was an extended period away from home for at least a week. However, over the past decade or so, a different type of vacation has risen in popularity: the city break. 

How does a city break differ from a “standard” vacation?

The main difference with a city break is the length of the stay – the term is usually used to describe a short stay that lasts for between two and five days. In addition, there’s a slight difference in what people do with their time; the focus of activities will be on the city itself, rather than staying in one area and potentially venturing elsewhere for day trips or excursions (as is more common with a standard vacation). Instead, the city – and its sights – are your focus for the duration of the time you spend away. 

Which cities are most suitable as city break destinations?

Technically any city can be a city break destination, but there are a few that tend to be the most popular. New York, for example, is a popular choice; you can see iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, shop up a storm on Fifth Avenue, and choose a Broadway show with the help of the infographic below and be sure of an incredible experience. Los Angeles is also popular, especially if you’re a fan of movies and want to experience the glitz of Hollywood for yourself, and Washington DC is a great choice if you want to see some of the most famous spots in the entire US – such as the US Capitol, the White House, and the Washington Monument – for yourself. 

Why should you try a city break?

City breaks are a chance to explore somewhere new, partake in exciting activities, and enjoy a break from everyday life, but without needing to take an extended period of time away from your life. If you’ve never tried a city break before, then doing so in future is something you won’t regret! 

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Family Road Trip To South Carolina

Heading down south, the east coast is by far one of the best places to have a family holiday road trip. South Carolina is a little more exotic than her larger brother to the north. Neighboring Georgia and Tennessee, it’s got a classic southern charm. You can expect plenty of seafood, sunshine, humidity, tropical foliage and amazing music. The Blues of course comes from the south of America, and those that love this genre will be right at home in this amazing state. It’s got everything you would expect in a southern coast state. Palm trees, beaches, rivers and incredible wildlife. There’s also a love for nature, so you’ll find amazing parks, gardens and countryside that is cared for by the locals. Yet it’s large enough that you would want to be in full control of your adventure by driving around by yourself. Thankfully the large open roads and highways allow even a large vehicle to pass through without trouble.

You mode of transport

Family road trips come with the same risks as any other. If you’re trapped in a small space for a lot of the time when you’re traveling, people are bound to get on each other’s nerves. That’s one of the reasons why you need a vehicle that is long and wide. Exactly 24 passengers can fit into a mini bus like this. It has high back reclining seats so passengers can relax and snooze off after a long day. It’s also got a TV and DVD player so the kids can watch their shows while you travel for miles and miles on the road. There’s plenty of room for everyone’s luggage and crucially, there’s air conditioning to keep everyone cool in close quarters. 

The swamps and trees

Congaree National Park is one of the highlights of South Carolina. It’s one of those places that capture a state in every respect. The swamps and the tall trees are a hallmark of this state’s nature and landscape. One of the best reasons for coming to this park is, you can explore it without the need to ‘stay on the path’ like most other national parks demand. You can go for an adventure without being told where not to go. The forest is around 11,000 acres and thankfully most of the forest was saved from the logging explosion that really heated up in the 60s and 70s. In 1976 it was declared a national park so now, there are trees that have stood for hundreds of years, still standing intact.


A contemporary Carolina

It’s easy to think of southern states as a bit old fashioned and set in their ways. However the Haley Institute of Contemporary Art shatters this stereotype. Here you’ll find modern cutting edge art that will challenge the galleries in New York City and Los Angeles. A notable figure in the American Art world, Mark Sloan is the director of this amazing gallery so you can expect challenging concepts and abstract art focusing on modern day issues.

South Carolina is far more exotic than North Carolina and the amount of national parks in the state prove this. The beaches and restaurants are amazing but there’s also plenty of culture to absorb too.