Christmas Wreath Ideas


Hope you enjoy these wreaths from last week’s events.  Wreaths are one of my favorite decor items, so it’s been a real treat to see everyone’s ideas.  They’re all so unique and creative!

Pretty Paper Wreath from Whipper Berry

Fabric Ball Wreath from My House of L

Embroidery Hoop Wreath from Silly Precious Piggies

Winter Wreath from Life with Liane

Christmas Ribbon Wreath from Calico and Cupcakes

Poinsetta Wreath from Fast Daze


Christmas Wreath Upcycle

Wreath’s may very well be my favorite year round decor.  Today I’m sharing this wreath that I put together a few days ago.  This wreath has actually been seen here before in different forms.  Originally my mom made the wreath with a bar theme for the restaurant where she worked, but when they downsized on their Christmas decor, she gave it to me, so I transformed it into a Mouse themed tree (because I collect mouse ornaments).  But last year instead of the ornaments, I decided to just add some gold elements. 
Then this year when I got the wreath out (with the gold stuff still attached), I just felt that it looked so plain, so I added some poinsettas that I just happened to have, and we now have a beautiful, new wreath, without me having to spend any additional money! 
I could hardly believe my own eyes when I looked back at the old wreaths.  Check out the tranformations:
The Bar Wreath:

Mouse Wreath – For 2008:

Gold Wreath – For 2009:

And finally Red & Gold Wreath – For 2010:

Wreath Tutorial

To make your own wreath like this, simple by some simple gold ornaments.  The ones I used are gold balls, pine cones and leaves.  I got these off of a predecorated tree that I bought at Walgreens a few years ago.  But I’m sure you can find something simple like this at Hobby Lobby or even the dollar store.
To add the ornaments, use ornament hooks or bead wire, and loop it through the ornament.  Twist the wire a few times to make sure the wire is secure on the ornament.  Then weave the wires through the wreath, and twist the two ends of the wire together to secure the ornament in place.

For the flowers, I simply took two bunches of poinsettas that I got for 94 cents each at Walmart.  Cut the flowers from the bunch and then just stick them through the wreath.

No glueing involved, so there’s no mess, and you can always change the wreath up later!

I’m linking up at this week’s parties.


Spring Wreath Revamp

I’ve seen so many cute wreaths on other blogs and in the future I want to make my own completely “from scratch” but for the sake of saving money, I created this one using stuff that I already had.
The wreath was actually given to me by dad.  It was on his front door for a while, and then it got transferred to the attic.  And rather than selling it at a yardsale for $2 or something, he asked me if I wanted it.  Of course I said yes!  And since then the wreath has adorned our front door for the past 2 springs and summers.  But I really wanted something a little different for spring…something to add a  little more color, so I simply added some pink flowers and voila! 
Here’s a picture of what the wreath looked like before.  I love the berries, but some of them are starting to fall off.  (Actually we got a glass door installed last year, and before it was installed the wreath was “exposed” to the outside, and birds frequently landed on it and tried to eat the berries, so I’m not surprised that they’re falling off.)  And again, I felt that it needed some color.
I had these two flower springs on hand. I believe these were 94 cents at Wal-Mart.  I added these to the wreath using the easiest method ever! 
I thought I might want to do something different with the wreath in the future, so I didn’t even use glue. I simply cut the flowers, leaving about 3-4 inches of the stem. (You’ll need wire cutters for this.) And then I wove the stems in through the wreath. Very easy!  And it looks so great from the outside!


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Falling into Fall Decor

Need a few ideas to brighten up your home this fall? Here’s a few to get you started.
Welcome Sign from BHG. Here’s a great project that adds a simple charm to your decor.

Pumpkin Vase from Martha Stewart. A centerpiece really brightens up your table, and this pumpkin vase with wild flowers is just perfect!

Naturally Beautiful Wreath from Southern Living. If you’re looking for something a little different from the orange and yellow harvest wreaths, here’s something for you in green.

Modern Fall Cornucopia from BHG. I love this idea! The greens and purples are just lovely for fall or any time of year! And you can always use other colors of your choice for you own custom look.

Mantle Decor at And a little color and fall cheer to your mantle with a few pumpkings and some leaf garland.

Harvest Centerpiece from From You Flowers. There are so many different centerpieces out there for the fall. And the colors in the piece add so much warmth to your table or buffet.


A Wreath of One’s Own

To begin our Christmas crafts & decor week, I wanted to post about wreaths. Everytime I go to a crafts store, I’m amazed at all the beautifully designed wreaths. But some of them are a wee bit pricey. For this reason, I recommend making your own. You can get the wire frame and cover it in garland yourself or just buy a simple, plain wreath, and add whatever you want. There are so many different possibilities! Here are a couple of examples and some ideas.

My mom is a dining room manager at a resturant. And she’s also in charge of special events and seasonal decorating. Last year she made the wreath pictured here to display in the bar at the resturant. It has some little wine bottles, martini glasses, and a shaker on it. All she had to do was make the bow and attach the ornaments on it. The ornaments were either tied on from the back with ribbon or tied on with wire.

This year my mom was told that they were limiting their decorations to just a tree in the lobby, which means she got stuck with a bunch of extra decorations she didn’t need. She gave me the wreath and told me I could change it however I wanted, so I gave it my own little personal touch. (see below)

A lot of people don’t know that I collect mouse ornaments and little mouse figurines. (I know, strange thing to collect, huh? But I just think they’re cute!) Anyway, I took a handful of ornaments and attached them to the wreath using green ornament hooks. Once I got the bar ornaments off, it only took me about 10-15 minutes to attach my own. A very quick & easy project!

I wanted to share these with you because I think making your own wreath really can save you money, and it gives the wreath a more personal touch. And the best part is that I can take the ornaments off if I want to and make an entirely different wreath for next year. The possibilities are endless, and you can get a variety of materials for fairly cheap.
This is also a great gift idea because you can do so many different themes for various interests/hobbies/professions. Here are some things you may consider adding to your own wreath:
-Christmas balls
-plastic fruits
-misc ornaments
-pick a particular theme of ornaments (Disney, Precious Moments, Teacher, Nurse, Sewing)
-letters, such as your sir name
-cookie cutters
-stuffed animals (my mom has the cuted Beanie Baby wreath!)
-little figurines or toys

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Christmas Wreath Ideas, Part 2

Here are some more wreaths for you.

Christmas Wreath Ideas, Part 1

I love Christmas wreaths. Whether they’re placed on a door, on a wall, or over a mantel, they add color and just the right amount of Christmas spirit to your home. Another great thing about wreaths is that you can buy them in a number of styles at any local department store or craft outlet, or you can save money and have fun making your own. Here are few ideas to get your started. Each photo is linked to a site which tells you how you can make the wreath yourself or how you can buy it.