#ad Game Time with Tyson Deli Wings

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Game Time with Tyson Deli Wings

When it comes time for game day, we always have a lot of “man food” on hand.  I love putting out a spread of appetizers on the counter just before the start of the first game of the day, and then going back later at dinner time.  It generally makes for an easy day as far as cooking, and it allows me to watch the games with my hubby without having to spend all day in the kitchen.  Hot Wings are definitely on my top 5 list of game day buffet items!  But if you want to keep it easy, you usually have to order out, which can get expensive, or you have to buy a frozen product, which just doesn’t compare with something fresh.

OR… You can stop by the Walmart Deli!  The Walmart Deli serves up a variety of bone-in and boneless wings for your football party! [Read more…]

Game Day Food: Roll Tide! Strawberry Pretzel Parfaits

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TeamJellO #CollectiveBias

Jello University Kit

My family is very excited for football season to be starting!  My husband has already explained to me that the television station will be glued to the SEC Network, so that if I don’t want to watch sports, I can plan accordingly and go to the next room. Haha!  But actually I really enjoy football and I especially love watching our team the Crimson Tide!  And I also look forward each week to game day food!

We usually order out or make something early that will last the day, and game day food is generally “man food.”  We like appetizers, especially chicken fingers and wings! But we also sometimes go for things like meatballs, sausage balls, cocktail weenies, cheesesticks, cheese fries, or chips and dip.  And other times we like simple meals like sub sandwiches, grilled burgers, chili dogs, pizza, and barbecue sandwiches. Yes, we do love to eat!

As much as I love all the salty and spicy goodness of game day, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t crave something sweet!  So today I am sharing a simple dessert that you can prepare to make your game day even sweeter!  I took my recipe for strawberry pretzel salad and turned it in to a kid-friendly game day treat: Strawberry Pretzel Parfaits.  And I added a little extra team spirit to the treat using Jell-O University Molds! [Read more…]

Buffalo Chicken Calzones

I have always loved calzones, stuffed sandwiches, Hot Pockets, or whatever you wish to call them.  There’s no telling how many Ham & Cheese pockets I’ve eaten over the years for lunch or for a snack!  Hubby, on the other hand, isn’t much of fan.  However, when I saw this recipe over at Tidy Mom, I just new it was one calzone that he would approve of.
I made a few changes to the recipe and gave it a try.  At first my husband had a negative response when I told him I was trying a new recipe for calzones, but when I told him it was buffalo chicken calzones, he quickly changed his tune. And of course, he loved it.  Now this recipe is a new favorite at our house!
Recipe for Buffalo Chicken Calzones:
1 can of refrigerated pizza dough (Pillsbury works best. I used the Thin, Crispy type that comes in the long tube.)
1 can of chicken breast (or use one or two boneless chicken breasts, cooked and chopped)
Buffalo Sauce (I like Frank’s)
Ranch Dressing (alternatively you could use bleu cheese dressing)
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Directions:  Drain the water off your chicken.  Place in a small bowl.  Add buffalo sauce and ranch dressing.  I didn’t meausure;  I just put a little of each end.  The amount will depend on just how spicy you want the calzones to be.  (Just keep  in mind that you want the mixture to be of the same consistency of a tuna or chicken salad, not runny.) Next add your cheese.  Again, I just threw some in.  I’d say it was about 1/3 or 1/2 cup.  Mix well.
Next roll out your pizza dough on to a baking sheet.  I rolled it out on top of a piece of parchment paper to prevent sticking.  Take a knife and cut your dough into fours as shown below.  (Note: The first time I made this I used an off brand pizza crust, and I was only able to cut the dough into threes, otherwise they would have been too small.  This also meant that I had a little bit of the chicken mixture left over.  This is why I recommend the Pillsbury crust.)
Spoon your chicken mixture on to each piece.  You need to place it on one side so that you can easily fold it over to make the calzone, but place it about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch away from the edge so the stuffing doesn’t fall out.  Now take the side that isn’t covered in the chicken mixture and fold it over.  Use a fork or your hands to seal the calzone on each side.  Bake according to the directions on your pizza crust and serve!